Login page:

Shows the login page with all possible options available for the user to choose from. These can be hidden away by using hidden inputs and behind the scenes configuration options. This also makes life easier if your users will always use the same options.

Listing page:

Shows the main email list page. Unread messages are shown in bold. Attachments have a paperclip icon on the left, important messages have an exclamation mark, and messages marked as deleted have a dustbin icon. Also shown here is one of the many context menus which are available if you use Internet Explorer 5.5 or above. These make common tasks trivial, such as deleting, replying etc which would otherwise require you to first view the message.

View message:

Shows a message being viewed. The message can be replied to or forwarded using the links provided. People can be added to the addressbook or blocked by using the icons next to their address.

Compose page:

Shows the email compose page. The box at the top right is a list of people in the addressbook. Again, most of the options here can be either removed or converted to hidden inputs if so desired.

Folders page:

This is the folder management page. Here you can add, rename, delete and control subscription information for folders. This is only available for mail servers supporting folders, ie imap, though POP3 folder support is currently being evaluated for inclusion.

Search page:

The search page can be used to search your account for messages matching particular criteria. Assuming you have a capable browser, there will be a button next to the Received On/Before/Since date selectors which will popup a calendar, to make date selection easier.

Latest news

April 5, 2006

V-webmail Development Team would like to announce the immediate release of V-webmail 1.6.4. This is a hot fix that fixes a problem with loggin in V-webmail 1.6.3. with Internet Explorer.

New in the 1.6.x branch:

  • Fully Mozilla compatible
  • Quick search
  • Revised config based on XML

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