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Excellent user interface
Clean, well laid out and uncluttered. Probably the best webmail user interface available thanks to DHTML context menus, drag 'n' drop message moving, and a folder frame autohide facility for a more fluid email experience (subject to browser capabilities).

Address book
Keep commonly used addresses to hand, with facilities to add entries by hand or from received emails. Now sporting a much enhanced UI and grouping facilities.

Multiple Indentities
For easy handling of multiple names, addresses and reply addresses you can now define multiple identities and choose the appropriate one at compose time.

Search facility
Quickly find emails with the built in search. Searchable criteria include From, Subject, Body and Received dates. IMAP accounts have the extra feature of being able to search multiple folders simultaneously.

Full support for attachments
View online (browser permitting) or download for offline viewing. All types are handled, attached messages being treated just as any other message. Multiple attachments can be sent with composed messages.

HTML mail
Can be enabled/disabled via preferences (also by administrator). Renders inline with support for embedded images/objects (which are shown as attachments when in text mode). Dangerous tags can be disabled through the configuration files. Supports displaying text alternative when disabled, and displaying a tag stripped version of the HTML when no text part is available.

Many user preferences including From/Reply addresses, signatures, language choices etc.

Online help
Full documentation detailing how to use each and every page.

External mail account polling (IMAP only)
For downloading mail from external POP3/IMAP accounts and storing locally. Can download to a specfic folder, and optionally delete mail from the remote server once downloaded.

Folder & message flag support (IMAP only)
Organise your mail using folders and read/answered/important flags. Move and copy mail between folders. User interface has optional left frame folder listing for easy folder access.

Filtering (IMAP only)
Automatically or on demand filtering of INBOX messages. Possible actions include moving/copying to folders, flagging and deleting. Similar criteria can be used as the search functionality.

Standards compliant
Fully supports Internet standards, including IMAP4, POP3, SMTP and MIME meaning integration with vast majority of mail servers is possible.

Easy installation & configuration
Runs "out of the box" in most instances. Easily configurable using php.ini style config files.

Low server load overhead
Efficient design utilises code only when necessary. Intelligent caching system eliminates unnecessary calls to the mail server.

Virtual hosting
Host multiple customers across multiple domains from a single installation. Different settings and templates can be used for each host if required, with the host being determined from the URL. Per virtual host settings include: signatures for outgoing messages, custom X-Mailer string, enable/disable HTML email, caching and HTTP compression options, and changeable email restrictions.

Versatile data storage
Preferences and addressbook data can be stored in one of three ways: Files, Mysql and PostgreSQL. Storage code is easily extendable to other types if required.

Full customisation of the language used, selectable at login or through the users' preferences. Currently ten translations available including German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, Russian, Polish, Indonesian and Chinese (Traditional). All phrases are held in a single file for easy translation.

Fully templated
Templates used throughout meaning that the look and feel can be altered to suit any taste or requirement. Most changes can be achieved through the modification of a few files eg. header/footer combination and the CSS file.

Security features
HTML mail can be disabled altogether, or dangerous tags can be disabled (eg. <script>, <object> etc). Optionally external images can be disabled aiding prevention of spam tracking. Support for SSL connections to IMAP/POP3 servers for secure connections to remote servers.

Latest news

April 5, 2006

V-webmail Development Team would like to announce the immediate release of V-webmail 1.6.4. This is a hot fix that fixes a problem with loggin in V-webmail 1.6.3. with Internet Explorer.

New in the 1.6.x branch:

  • Fully Mozilla compatible
  • Quick search
  • Revised config based on XML

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