• Does V-webmail have a new account signup option?
    Due to the variety of methods of managing mail server account information, V-webmail does not have this feature.

  • Does V-webmail run under Windows?
    Yes. V-webmail has been tested under Windows 98 with Omnihttpd and Windows 2000 with IIS5, though it should run with any PHP enabled webserver.

  • Does V-webmail require Sendmail under Linux?
    Sendmail or a Sendmail like mailer is not required for operation under Linux or Unix as V-webmail has it's own SMTP client.

  • Is it easy to add support for new langauges?
    Yes. All language specific phrases are held in a single file which has a very user friendly format. There are currently a number of language files available including Dutch, German, Spanish, French etc.

  • Does V-webmail support folders for POP3?
    No. Folders are currently specific to IMAP accounts.

  • Is it possible to add text to all outgoing messages?
    Yes. This can be configured on a per virtualhost basis.


  • How is V-webmail configured?
    V-webmail is configured by a fully documented XML style text file "config/local.config.xml".

  • I've installed V-webmail, however I get a blank screen when I try to login.
    One possible cause is that you have turned off the "config_checks" directive and you don't have the PHP IMAP extension. Turn "config_checks" back on to make sure.

  • I've set "servers_strict" to On however there's no dropdown box on the login form.
    If there is only one server specified, no dropdown box will be shown.

  • Can you install V-webmail for me?
    When there are problems installing V-webmail and you need some assistance, then please post your problems in the forums and we will try to assist you.


  • How do I change the default user preferences?
    Edit the file config/default.user.php. This is a php script so you should avoid using single quotes (') in text and always take a backup.

  • How do I append some text to all outgoing messages?
    This can be achieved on a per virtual host basis. There is now a "outgoing_append" option that can be used in the local.config.xml file which takes the name of a text file in the config directory as it's argument. This text files' contents are appended to the body of the email. An example text file is available in the config directory called v-webmail.txt.

  • The folders page is very slow, is there a way to speed it up?
    Calculating the number of unseen/seen messages and in particular the size of mailboxes is an expensive operation for the IMAP/web server to perform. To alleviate this problem there is an option in Preferences/Folder Prefs to enable or disable the calculation of these stats.


  • How many users/domains does a license enable me to have?
    The V-webmail license allows an unlimited number of users.

  • Is it OK to change the templates?

  • Is it OK to remove the copyright information from the bottom of the templates?
    No. The copyright information and link to the v-webmail website must remain in place.


  • Can I support development?
    The V-webmail project is open source and its sources are hosted at SourceForge.net. See the SourceForge.net project website or consult the forums for details about project development.

Latest news

April 5, 2006

V-webmail Development Team would like to announce the immediate release of V-webmail 1.6.4. This is a hot fix that fixes a problem with loggin in V-webmail 1.6.3. with Internet Explorer.

New in the 1.6.x branch:

  • Fully Mozilla compatible
  • Quick search
  • Revised config based on XML

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